Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Life

As this year passes us by we found out Chrissy is pregnant and due in March of 2010. Thats right something gave me the power to reproduce life and the ability to be a father. Well thats a task all in its self. I am very excited as well as Chrissy. We'll see what this brings upon us.

As the news of GM buying back Delphi hit us, I now after a 6 month layoff am returning to work on Monday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time flies when your having fun!

Since my last post, Chrissy and I have moved again but just across the hall a simple move, to a 2 bedroom(we wanted more room). So also went down to see some really good friends in North Carolina, which was a blast.

In band news our singer/guitarist stepped out due to personal reasons. So the hunt for a new singer/guitarist is on. On this note I was a little disappointed in the he wanted to leave but more pissed on the way he did it via email. But no hard feelings.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


We as a band now have a full studio at our hands/leisure/disposal what ever you ant to call it. It is awsome!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What I've been up to......

This may take a while on what I've been up to. So I'll start it out by saying the last week of January a bunch of us were laidoff from Delphi. We saw it coming just wondering when it was going to happen. But Jan. 23rd was my last day there.(for the time being!) I'll explain We were Indefinatly laidoff they took our badges and told us they would call if we are needed back. As a Union shop it's an easy thing to understand when you in the system but outsiders wouldn't. So here I sit almost 8 weeks not working but getting 95% of my pay, nice deal huh?
Since I have been out a group of us that got laidoff together have ad lunch to catch up. Kind of a nice thing to have some friends that have gone through the same as you and understand whats going on. Seems now Chrissy and I have more money then whan I was working whats up with that? As I stay home and clean and take the dogs out and read and watch TV,I lose IQ points and people skills, I feel I dont know how to talk to people outside my little group. Ugh!
The band is going well we have found a new singer/guitarist and should be playing out soon. It is such a great thing to have someone who knows what is up. Shaun is our new singer/guitarist is a breath of fresh air. Easy to work and get along with.
Chrissy and I are going to see our good friends in North Carolina in June. Just a mini vacation.
More to come....

Monday, January 5, 2009

A long time

It has been a long time since my last post. So I will try not to bore you on whats been happening. After we came back from I was bumped to second shift at work though it does suck not to see your loved ones, it is kinda of relaxing. It makes it that much more special to see them on the weekends.
So after getting used to second shift my brother came home for his yearly visit. That went well I guess he spent alot of time doing his photography and looking into coming home to persue his Bachelors in Photography at R.I.T.
There was alot of hostility on my part that may not have been necessary now but at the time was in my mind. We have to work some things out.
As far as the band, in November Fahad stepped out as singer and guitarist due to creative differences. I wish him the best in 2009 with all he does musical,career and life.
On to other things Chrissy and I moved to a new apartment in November it has more for the dogs like a doggie park were they can run and play and act like morons with the other dogs.
We had the yearly Minurka Family Christmas party at our new place. That was fun kids playing Wii and adults drinking as normal.
Christmas was a good one this year I got some good books and DVDs. Oh and the usual Hess truck from my dad. Thanks dad It would'nt be Christmas without it.
The day after Christmas the tree goes out the door and to the curb. Its a tradition I started when we had our house.
So now its the New Year and more fun to be had. I am still working this week but who knows what will happen next week.
A new President hopefully some new thinking to go along with it. New oppertunities as well.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disney in 6 days pt.3

Ok, last we left off we have gone to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. On Thursday we made our way to Animal Kingdom. On this day it started out good a little over cast. So we went on and did "A Bugs Life" they really liked it,I remembered it from the last time Bob and I were there. Next on to "Expedition Everest". Its the new roller coaster. Let me tell you it was intense. They keep you in the dark for the whole ride. If and when you get there go on it!
Next we do the river raft. We all got wet except one person in our raft she did not get a drop on her. A lady from another family luckiest person in the whole raft. After that we make our way over to the Africa section of Animal Kingdom and on to the Safari ride. Very cool we saw a lot of movement buy the animals from the last time we(Bob and I)were there.
Dino-land was next on our list of things to do at Animal Kingdom. We did the Dinosaur ride. You go back in time and rescue a dinosaur to bring back.
We finish our day out getting autographs from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Then on to Rain Forest Cafe. If you have not eate3n in a Rain Forest Cafe make it a "to do"! You wont be disappointed.
Hollywood Studios in my next episode.........

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disney in 6 days pt.2

Well at the Magic Kingdom they have left everything alone. I mean they may have changed stuff but not that I could see from 8 years ago. We got to hit all the mountains while we were there.
Next day no migraine and off to E.P.C.O.T.
As we walked in to the park the "Ball" took all the attention from everyone coming in. Pictures from all vantage points. So we headed to the "GM Test Track" a really cool attraction and "IT" started with my brother-in-law again. This time he wants to drive the car so we let him. After that he wanted to do it again! "That was fun!" Then as we walk off the ride "I'm board" Who do I believe????? Tell me.
Next off to Mission Space a newly revamped attraction. Very cool its a flight simulator. Again "IT" started now we all were ignoring it! They have an advanced and moderate mission. We did the moderate less wait. So on to the World Showcase.
We went counter clock wise its just a thing I got from my parents when we last went there.
Canada-Got t-shirts and Moosehead Beer
United Kingdom- Lunch at the Rose and Crown Fish and Chips and half and half's, Signatures from Eeyore and Pooh(my wife left me for Eeyore)
France- Signature from Bella(Beauty and the Beast)
Moracco- Signatures from Princess Jasmine and The Genie Chrissy got a Sultan Colada
Japan- Saki shots!
USA- not to much elephant ears
Italy- Lemon Liquor and a side show
Germany- trying to recover from the lemon liquor and a $37,500 chrystal castle pretty cool
China- Beer
Norway- we tried to be "cool" Vikings
Mexico- Mayan ruins replicas
After we went around the world Dinner time at the Coral Reef Restaurant.
I was not impressed at all,I don't recommend going there!
So far only bad meal. We stayed for the Fireworks at EPCOT. I've seen them before and was impressed again.